What are the Causes of Dandruff? 

Dandruff is an annoying, embarrassing, and the most disturbing situation that can get worse during the winter season. Here is the most common reason for itchy scalp and the White flakes including Dry skin that is usually considered as the main reason for Dandruff. During the cold month or winter season, the skin gets drier that is why most of the people face more dandruff problem. You can consult a Dermatologist for the best treatment or the suggestion of shampoo that can help you to completely get rid of this problem.

Most people get due to their allergic skin and whenever you feel irritation or soreness in your skin after using the specific product you should stop using these products. Try using a process of elimination method to determine the culprit. Most of the dandruff shampoo contains medicine for killing all the bacteria and fungus such as Pyrithione zinc that is anti-fungal drug use to kill all the fungus on your scalp that causes problems.

Selenium sulfide is also the best product to get rid of fungus and if you are having blue or gray hair you should ask your dermatologist before using any shampoo on your skin. Ketoconazole kills all the bacteria and Salicylic acid removes extra scaling from your skin before it can flake. Always prefer those shampoos having tea tree oil that are very beneficial for reducing scaling by causing any side effects.

Most people have an allergic problem with the tea tree oil so it would be better to ask a dermatologist before applying anything on your hair or scalp. It doesn't matter which dandruff shampoo you are going to use the important thing is to read the instruction and follow them carefully In case of dandruff improvement you won't be able to control it easily. For more stubborn dandruff, your doctor can prescribe a stronger shampoo or a steroid lotion.